15th Annual Music Eisteddfod

The power of music to unite, inspire, and showcase talent was on full display during our 15th Annual Santa Maria College Music Eisteddfod, held on Sunday. With 133 students taking centre stage for solo and duet instrumental and vocal performances, the event celebrated the dedication and creativity of our music students.

The day was divided into nine dynamic 90-minute sessions, kicking off at 9.00 am. You could feel the energy as the Music rooms were filled with anticipation and excitement, creating an immersive environment for both performers and guests.

What is remarkable about this event is that it’s entirely voluntary. Yet, this year saw an impressive number of budding artists willing to share their talents with a captivated audience. The commitment displayed by these performers underscores their passion for music and their desire to nurture their skills.

Head of Music, Paul Kinsella said “The Music Eisteddfod was originally created to give individual instrumental and vocal students the opportunity to practise performing. So it was particularly pleasing and very encouraging to see the high level of participation again this year. Performance carries its own unique set of challenges and skills, which can only be refined and consolidated through repetition. The Eisteddfod provides an opportunity to do this in front of a familiar and supportive audience.”

An event of this magnitude wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of parents, friends, and mentors. Their presence added an extra layer of encouragement and enthusiasm, turning the Eisteddfod into a true celebration of our musical community.

The Eisteddfod wasn’t just a platform for showcasing individual talent; it also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the performers. With students ranging from Years 5 to 12, this event provided a unique opportunity for them to gain performance experience and draw inspiration from their peers.

Several key figures were instrumental in the execution of the Eisteddfod:

  • Michelle Hunt, for her meticulous management of enrolments, session scheduling, and on-the-fly program changes, ensured a smooth flow of events.
  • Jess Del Borrello’s unwavering support for the students and session assistance was a testament to her commitment to their growth.
  • Rebecca Kinsella and Paul Kinsella, as adjudicators, brought fairness and expertise to the evaluation process.
  • The instrumental and vocal tutors who stood alongside their students with pride and guidance.
  • Dale and the catering team ensured that everyone was well-fed and energised throughout the day.

The annual Music Eisteddfod celebrated not just musical excellence but also the spirit of collaboration, encouragement, and artistic growth. It was a day that echoed with beautiful performances, resonated with passion, and left its mark on all those who participated and witnessed the magic of music coming to life

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