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7th Annual Father Daughter Walk to School

Since 2013, Santa Maria dads (and some mums) and their daughters have enjoyed a special trip to school together at the annual Father-Daughter Walk to School.

Held this morning, the event attracted over 270 dads and daughters who converged on the College from various points around Attadale. For those who live too far to walk, the option to park the car at Troy Park, and join the ‘Walking Bus’ to the College was a popular one; with courtesy buses taking the dads back to their cars after breakfast.

The walkers enjoyed a gorgeous array of breakfast food from our catering team, including croissants, pastries, yoghurt and fruit. It was a great way to start the day!

Here’s what some of the girls had to say about it.

“I thoroughly enjoyed walking to school this morning with my dad. As we both have very busy lives it was a great opportunity to spend quality time together and talk about what’s going on with each other.” Lucy Anderson, Year 10

“The Father-Daughter Walk to School was a great opportunity to bond with my dad and have a good chat as our lives get busy and we don’t always have time talk.”
Ella Neilson, Year 10

“Every year since Year 7, my dad and I have always done the Father-Daughter walk to school together and it’s always a great time to just have a chat and for the dads to meet each other or catch up. Its always a beautiful morning and I’m going to miss it next year!” Sophie Daniels, Year 12

“Walking to school with my dad has always been enjoyable since I came to the college in Year 7. It’s not often that I see my dad in the morning due to commuting to school and work so this day has always been important to me and will be something I will truly miss when I leave the College.” Charlotte Stapleton, Year 12

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