A Day of Reflection and Connection: Year 5’s Journey through Mercy

Our Year 5 students recently participated in their Reflection Day, a unique event that left a lasting impression on both students and teachers alike.

The day kicked off with a session led by Director of Mission, Melissa Trolio, who took the girls through a travelling journey into the world of Mercy in Action. The students were encouraged to ponder the significance of this concept by following in the footsteps of the Sisters of Mercy. Through prayer, scripture, and song, they began to formulate their own interpretations of Mercy in Action. Each student chose a word that symbolised their understanding.

Following this, the Year 5s engaged in various team-building and mindfulness activities. These activities not only fostered teamwork but also provided a platform for new friendships to blossom. The day was about more than just reflection; it was about connection.

Lunchtime arrived, and our students were treated to a meal in the boarders’ dining room. The lasagne was met with unanimous praise, with many students dubbing it the “best lasagne ever.”

The final activity for the day was a dance session run by Year 5 teacher Larisa Khoury, with many smiles, laughs and enthusiasm!

Throughout the day, our students embraced the core values of our College, with Mercy taking centre stage. As they reflected on the year that had passed and explored the concept of Mercy in Action, they left the day with newfound insights, lasting memories, and a sense of belonging.

Leni Hood shared her thoughts, saying, “I really enjoyed lunch in the boarders’ dining hall. It was so yummy. We had lasagne, garlic bread, and salad. The boarders’ food is delicious.”

Anya Laing reflected, “Reflection Day was a great way to reflect on the year we’ve had and learn about Mercy. It was a fun day; I really like the team-building games.”

Emily Hawkins shared her experience, saying, “I liked the session with Mrs Trolio about Mercy in Action. My action word was welcoming. I enjoyed working with my travel buddies.”

Georgina Bairstow summed it up beautifully: “My favourite session was the sport activities. We played garden games, get up and go, and team-building. I really enjoyed interacting with girls from all the other classes.”

Year 5 Reflection Day was a day of growth, learning, and, above all, togetherness. As the day came to an end, the Year 5s carried with them more than just memories; they carried the spirit of Mercy in their hearts, ready to make a difference in their world.

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