Santa Maria’s Boarding Mural: A Tapestry of Unity

Santa Maria College’s boarding community has long been celebrated for its vibrant backgrounds. This year, as part of Boarding Week, that rich diversity is forever on display in the shape of a remarkable art mural adorning the walls near the College café. It is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the boarding community and the vision of its leaders.

At the helm of this project is Rose, one of our Year 12 boarding leaders, whose passion for fostering a sense of belonging within boarding ignited the idea for the mural. Working alongside her fellow councillors, Lauren and Orla, and Head Girl Annie and Deputy Head Girl Maya, Rose embarked on a journey to transform a blank canvas into a symbol of unity, showcasing the many different locations our boarders call home.

Inspired by the idea of an art installation that would not only beautify the space but also reflect the unique stories of its inhabitants, Rose presented her proposal to our Principal, Jennifer Oaten, receiving wholehearted support and encouragement. With the green light secured, the real work began.

The process of creating the mural was a labour-intensive yet deeply rewarding endeavour. Each boarder was invited to contribute to the project, painting their own tile with designs that reflected their individual backgrounds and experiences. From the landscapes of Western Australia to intricate symbols of heritage, every tile added depth and meaning to the collective artwork.

Despite the challenges, the boarding community rallied behind the project with enthusiasm. What started as a simple idea blossomed into a collaborative masterpiece, a testament to the power of unity and creativity.

As Jane Murray, Director of Boarding, reflects on the significance of the mural, she emphasises its role as a timeless tribute to the bonds forged within the boarding school. More than just a piece of art, the mural serves as a visual representation of the diverse identities that comprise the boarding community, a reminder of the strength that comes from embracing our differences.

As the final brushstrokes are added and the mural takes its place on the walls of the College, it stands as a sign of hope and inspiration for generations to come. Each tile tells a story, and each stroke of paint is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the boarding community.

In celebrating the completion of the mural, we acknowledge that it is not just a work of art but a reflection of who our boarders are and what they stand for.

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