A Letter From Lila

Lila (centre), with her friends Elizabeth and Lucy

Year 5 students are currently writing letters to the 2021 incoming Year 5s. The letters will be posted to the new students during the holidays.

We thought we’d share this beautiful letter Lila has written. 

Dear Alyssa

Hi, my name is Lila. I am 11 years old and I’m in O’Reilly. Some facts about me are, I was born and live in Perth with my mum, dad, and two younger sisters. Some things that I like to do are hockey, netball, and swimming. When I found out that I was going to Santa I was very excited but a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to think of going to a new school as I hadn’t moved schools ever and I didn’t know what to expect. Some advice I would give to you is that you’re not going to make best friends on the first day. It took me a while so don’t feel bad about yourself. The last piece of advice I am going to give you is when you do get friends, which you will, don’t just have one friend that you hang out with all the time. Have a variety of friends that you can talk to and relate to.

Some things about Santa Maria are there are lots of girls and it may get overwhelming but just know that things will settle down and you will adjust. Santa Maria is a great school and I promise that you’ll like it. Santa Maria is located in Attadale 18 Stoneham Road and is huge at the start of the year, but in the end, it will feel smaller. Not small, but smaller. There are so many different classes that you could be in next year, so even if you’re not with your friends, it doesn’t matter because you see the other classes all the time.

The Year 5 teachers are very nice so if you have a problem ask them and I am sure that they will help you. Some facilities that Santa Maria has are its huge super lab where we do experiments. There is also a big library with an amazing view of the city. There are so many different co-curricular that you can try out like Ladies in Labcoats; this is where you make and do experiments. Another co-curricular you can do is TOMS (Tournament of  Minds). TOMs stretches your vocabulary and knowledge.

Santa Maria is a very good school when it comes to sport. This year Year 5 came first in the interschool athletics carnival. We also have sport and PE but that isn’t all, we also have something called PCT. This is where you have a chance to talk with the Year 6s. Sometimes we will do sport in PCT like soccer. Earlier in the year, Santa Maria participated in the IGSSA swimming carnival.

I am in O’Reilly House. O’Reilly is named after Mother M Evangelista. Our House colour is green and this year our House coordinator is Miss Beechy. You will hear this name around quite often. If O’Reilly won the McAuley shield, we would definitely celebrate, but we would be mindful of all the other Houses. No matter how good they are at sport, we would look more for their sportsmanship towards us and all the other houses, as winning the McAuley shield isn’t all about bragging and rubbing it in the faces of the others, it’s about trying your best. All this sport leads up to the McAuley shield. We came fourth in the McAuley shield which I think is an amazing effort. Don’t forget, if you are worried or don’t know where a class is you can always ask me for help.

I look forward to meeting you around the grounds at Santa next year.

From Lila xxx

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