Fun, Friends, and Neon Delights for Our Boarders!

If you were near the Fremantle indoor volleyball centre this past weekend, you would have witnessed a spectacle that looked like a scene out of a sci-fi movie. An all-school recreational event, ‘Glow in the Dark Volleyball,’ had the entire venue illuminated with a radiant glow.

The venue was a sea of iridescent hues as more than 200 Years 7 and 8 boarders from various Perth schools converged to partake in the excitement of Glow in the Dark Volleyball. The event showcased not only their athletic prowess but also their creativity in their choice of attire. Sporting fluorescent colours, the players lit up the darkness.

The volleyball matches were fast-paced, with teams vying for victory. Diving onto the sand and bumping the ball amidst the neon lights added an exciting twist to the game. There was a spirit of healthy competition as students from different schools joined forces and faced off against one another.

As the matches concluded, the players tucked into a feed of Domino’s pizzas and drinks. The players refuelled after their matches while exchanging stories of their glow-in-the-dark escapades. It was a delightful way to refuel and bond with friends, old and new.

We had the chance to hear from some of the participants. Sadie, Alice, and Darci, Year 7 boarders, recounted their experiences vividly. According to them, the Fremantle indoor volleyball centre came alive with vibrant colours and laughter as they engaged in spirited matches against other schools. The thrill of diving onto the sand and the freedom to goof around with their friends made for a great evening. After the official matches concluded and they’d enjoyed some food, the excitement continued as they formed their own teams and faced off against their chosen opponents.

In a world often dominated by screens and virtual interactions, events like Glow in the Dark Volleyball provide a much-needed opportunity for students to engage in physical activity, socialise face-to-face, and create lasting memories.

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