A Starry Night: Year 12 Ball 2023

The Year 12 Ball. It is probably one of the most exciting events on the calendar for students, and rightfully so. 

It is a beautiful and joyful celebration, allowing our girls to come back together after the holidays and begin their final year at the College. 

Last Saturday night, our Year 12s took to the Hyatt Regency Perth, where they chatted, laughed and danced the night away with their peers and partners. A last-minute venue change (thanks to the Perth Scorchers) didn’t stop students from having a fantastic night. 

Head Girl, Nishi Jayawickrema, gave quite a memorable speech, which perfectly sums up what the celebration is all about. 

“Five years ago, we began the many of socials, with the Year 7 Activity Afternoon – a day that saw very few words exchanged, despite our excitement to encounter actual boys. A Year 8 Bush Dance of mostly hay bales and awkward partner dancing to Timber by Pitbull. A fan favourite, dancing lessons and the Year 10 social, with Mrs Murray showing the Aquinas boys and us how the YMCA is truly done. And who could forget the Year 11 Dinner Dance – a night to remember, with many of our staff stealing the show on the dance floor.” said Nishi. 

“And now, here we are tonight – the long-awaited Year 12 Ball. An event often perceived and approached as our own version of the METGALA. Where months of preparation, planning & ball dress shopping, can finally culminate into an evening celebrating the year that awaits us.” added Nishi. 

Here is what some of our other leaders had to say: 

Our ball was most definitely a night to remember, where our year group could have the first of many celebrations for our final year. With dance floor fun and dinner chats, everyone began the year well. This milestone event most definitely allowed the Year 12 group to reflect on all our hard work and achievements over the past school years. Lily Richardson, Deputy Head Girl 

Starting the year strong and with a good attitude is so important for maintaining positive connections with your peers, especially in the final year of school. The ball set an exciting and vibrant tone for the year to come, strengthening our existing bonds and creating some new ones, which will hopefully be brought into Year 12. A highlight of the ball for me was the dance floor, which despite its slow start, made an amazing comeback and ended up being the most fun part of the night! Alice Gosper, Head Boarder

The ball turned out to be an amazing event that many girls in our year group have excitedly anticipated since we began our journey here at the College. It was a fun experience and a fantastic way to bring our year group and staff members together before we begin what will be our final year. All of the girls looked incredible and had a wonderful time on the dance floor with each other after the school break. The venue was beautifully decorated, and the efforts of everyone who helped organise it didn’t go unnoticed. Many girls, myself included, enjoyed watching the teachers display their creative dance moves! Grace McLean, Deputy Head Boarder

We hope you enjoy the photos, which truly depict what an excellent night it was. Bring on 2023! 

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