A Time to Reflect: Year 12 Retreat

Over the last three days, our Year 12s have been on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual development at their Year 12 Retreat.

Under the guidance of 22 College staff, the girls have learnt things about themselves and their place in the world. They’ve taken time out to reflect and to pray, they’ve strengthened their friendships and made new ones. Due to COVID, the retreat was held in two locations, one in the Swan Valley and the other in Bullsbrook.

Here are some reflections from some girls.

“We have laughed, cried, sung songs around the first and created memories together. Despite the chaotic year it has been, it has enabled us to bond together even more. Through the meditation, reflections and liturgies is had given us the opportunity to discover ourselves deeper and develop and build our values.”

“We have all grown a greater and stronger connection with God, whether that was through meditation or listening to liturgy and the heartfelt songs, which I’m sure will be added to our Spotify playlist. We have reflected on ourselves as well as discovering bits and pieces of our lives and others that have made us stronger as an individual and cohort. We feel now we are ready to face and enter the big world.”

“We went on a journey that opened up new perspectives, awareness and appreciation of ourselves. It was valuable to gain an insight into other people’s stories, including their struggles and differences. Our small groups provided the opportunity to build and strengthen new and existing relationships. We have been left with memories and experiences that we will treasure forever.”

“I’m thankful for my retreat experience. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to focus on myself and the things I am thankful for, grateful for, the people in my life and the relationships I have made. The most memorable moments for me were the small things like having the opportunity to have time away from the stresses of Year 12, meeting teachers whom I had just seen in the halls before this and most of all, strengthening the friendships that I have made over my time at Santa Maria. I enjoyed the speeches of the teachers, the dances we did and the liturgies we had. I am leaving here happier and most of all, knowing that the treasure in my life is my real self, my imperfections and all. And that if I have faith in myself and God, I will be free.”

“Year 12 has been overwhelming and full of change, so understandably as a cohort we haven’t had the usual opportunities to celebrate and gather together. So it has been valuable to reflect on our time as a year group and individuals at retreat. It’s allowed us to evaluate our lives, families, friendships and time spent at Santa, as well as reflecting on our futures beyond high school. This is a week I am sure we will all hold close to our hearts as we finish Year 12.” 

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