A Trip to Parliament House

Our Year 6 students have been learning all about politics and law, this term. Their focus has been on the history of Federation, the process of how a bill becomes a law, the three levels of government in Australia, and the different government systems that exist around the world.    

To expand on their in-class studies, the girls had an excursion to Parliament House and the Constitution Centre of Western Australia

This excursion allowed the students to see and explore the place where the processes they have been learning about occur. The girls were able to extend their knowledge through hands on activities run by educators at the Constitution Centre, as well as ask any questions they had thought of along the way, regarding the processes of government and history of Parliament. 

We spoke to some of the students to find out what they learned and enjoyed, here’s what they had to say:

“I enjoyed learning about the many different roles people play in Parliament House. I also liked how beautiful the building was and seeing the many pictures of past members on the wall. The treasure hunt was fun as we got to explore the grounds around Parliament House and have fun with our friends whilst doing the exercise.” Chiara Brown 6.6

“I really enjoyed our excursion to Parliament House because we learned about the upper and lower house. We got to act out how to pass a new law, I got to be the speaker, the most important person in the house. It was fun. We also learned about the Federation of Australia and how the separate colonies felt about federating. I enjoyed exploring Parliament House and the grounds.” Mila Machalek 6.8

“I enjoyed learning about the upper and lower house, all the different roles, speaker, opposition, and the government. I liked learning about Edith Cowan who was the first female in any Australian parliament. I enjoyed the treasure hunt and working in a group to solve clues.” Lila Hess 6.9
“While I was on the Parliament tour it was cool to see my great grandfather’s picture on the wall, his name was Sir David Brand and he was a Premier of Western Australia. I liked the lower house tour because I got to sit in the Premier’s chair.” Lily Brand 6.10 
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