Our mission is to assist students to become self-directed and independent learners, intrinsically motivated, with a deep love of learning that will empower them to take responsibility for their own learning now and in their future lives.


Santa Maria College consistently performs well and considering we are not an academic selective school our results are outstanding. On average we are ranked in the top 10 in terms of median ATAR.

Our academic curriculum is consistent with the Western Australian curriculum, and offers a diverse range of subject choices. We have and continue to invest time and resources into research and development in the areas of how girls learn and the best way to deliver the curriculum.

Our Goal

Santa Maria College aims to not only prepare our girls for the world of work but also for life. We want our girls to see how their learning is relevant to their lives today, to their future lives and to a changing world of work. We want to ensure they have the attributes to be young women who can make a difference in society.

Santa Maria College Vision

This year the College has been working on a vision, a vision that Connects Learning to Life. We want to ensure our students are equipped for the future and that our teaching and learning provides our students with the skills they will need.  Our staff have been collaborating and identifying the critical attributes that we believe our students need. The attributes we have identified, and are committed to developing in our students can be viewed  HERE.

We tailor our curriculum for girls and we encourage and support them to strive for the best possible results across all key areas.


Santa Maria’s core learning areas include English, Mathematics, Science HaSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and Religious Education. These are complemented by a program of elective subjects and co-curricular activities. These programs add an extra dimension to the compulsory areas of study and further enables girls to discover their interests and passions.


Research has shown that girls in all girls’ school achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in Australia. If you are interested in the benefits please read our Why a Girls’ School.


Curriculum Handbooks:

Years 5 & 6 | Years 7, 8 & 9  | Year 10 | Years 11 & 12


To ensure that those with exceptional ability are challenged and extended, our Enrichment Centre staff have developed a program called IGNITE, which is offered in Years 5 – 8.

Each IGNITE unit is made up of a variety of:

  • creative,
  • high-order,
  • lateral thinking and
  • problem-solving activities.

This exciting program provides opportunities in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and creative arts, and challenges students beyond their comfort zone.

In Years 5 -7 Ignite is offered through a withdrawal program while in Year 8 students select IGNITE as an elective.

Following on from this in Years 9 – 12 we offer a mentoring program which is designed to connect the girls with Santa Maria Alumni in a professional field they have expressed interest in.


Our staff, through extensive research into the way early adolescent girls learn and perceive their world, developed our Enhanced Learning Program. Four projects have been developed for girls in Years 5 – 9, that are student-centred and challenge and explore new ideas and skills. Girls, through these programs, Fearless5, Spark6, Seek7, Explore8 and Strive9 are able to develop and hone their skills in.

  • research,
  • analysis,
  • and life skills (including communications).


Sometimes the move from primary school to secondary school can be challenging and students find it difficult to keep up with the increased workload. Support for literacy and numeracy is provided by Learning Enrichment teachers and is undertaken both within the classroom and in small groups.

Our goal is  to provide early intervention to students, with gaps in their learning or learning difficulties, to enable them to thrive in their studies.

Santa Maria’s Enrichment Centre provides support to students from Years 5 – 12. Literacy and numeracy support teachers, who have specialised qualifications, assist students both within the classroom and in small groups.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela




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