Ainsleigh Selected for STEM Academy

Congratulations to Year 9 student Ainsleigh Passi who has been selected into the Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy. We asked Ainsleigh what this means to her.

“I am so delighted to have been accepted into this program. It will allow me to work on STEM-related subjects in and outside of school.

The program also allows me to go on camps, and have job opportunities in my field of choice. It will help me through the rest of high school and into university and allow me to meet other young women interested in STEM.

This program goes for ten years. It already has, and will, provide me with amazing opportunities.

I applied for this program late last year after my mum found it on Facebook. It was perfect for me as it was for young, indigenous women in Year 8, living in Perth, and interested in pursuing a STEM-related career path. I was very lucky because out of the hundreds of girls who applied, only 13 have been accepted so far.

When I’m older I want to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering or working on the mines. The STEM Academy will help me achieve this by providing help with university and giving me opportunities to pursue jobs I am interested in. The program also gives me opportunities to meet other young Indigenous women in the field that I want to pursue. 

I have already been on one camp and met so many other amazing young women who are also interested in STEM, which has inspired me to continue towards my hopes and dreams.”

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