All The Dirt

The Year 11 Food Science and Technology (G) class have been researching the economic and social benefits of producing food locally. Today, students loved speaking via a Zoom call with Steve Wood. Steve is an Australian horticultural talkback radio and gardening TV presenter. Steve is also the presenter on the podcase All The Dirt.

Steve has a passion for inspiring confidence in people to create beautiful, sustainable gardens where they can grow their own organic food. If you are ever visiting the South West of WA, make sure you go to the Margaret River Farmers Market and visit Steve and Audrey Wood to check out their wide range of edible plant and other delicious local produce.  

I loved listening to Steve Wood and how he explained the importance of eating locally produced foods to benefit our health! Taylah Lagana

I loved having the opportunity today to speak with Steve Wood live via the zoom call and capture his wealth of knowledge. He has inspired me to go to the Margret River Farmers Market and consider growing more foods at home to benefit my families health. Mia Halvorson

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