Around the World Christmas Markets

Class 5.5 held an Around The World Christmas Market this week.

Each group was given a country and had to research how that country celebrated Christmas. They then created a market stall to educate their fellow classmates.

There has been a lot of creativity as well as some new knowledge about different Christmas traditions around the world, not to mention all the yummy foods.

In France, they call Frosty the Snowman ‘Frosty le Bonhomme de Neige’ and ‘Père Noël’ means Father Christmas. They drink eggnog and eat chocolate truffles. On Christmas Day, they go to a special church. I would love to go to France during Christmas time because I saw a picture of their Christmas Markets and they look absolutely stunning! Ava Caputi

At Christmas time in South Africa, some people eat a special meal that has worms in it. I wouldn’t try it. Worms are gross. They also make mandalas which are really creative. Elizabeth Kivelhan

In Iceland, they put their shoes out and if they are bad, they get a potato in them. If they’re good, they get presents in them. They also have Northern Lights which looks really cool at night. I think Iceland would be so pretty at Christmas time. Chloe MacDonald

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