Boarders Run for the Cancer Council

Santa Maria boarders Run for a Reason

In a remarkable show of strength, determination, and support for a worthy cause, a group of boarders from various year groups recently participated in the annual HBF Run for a Reason. This year’s event saw the involvement of 14 enthusiastic runners, including Year 12 boarder Paige Lobwein who was instrumental in coordinating the girls’ effort.

After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event returned bigger and better in 2023. Boarders seized the opportunity to challenge themselves and contribute to a beautiful cause.

For Paige, it was her first year participating in the run. The boarders who participated in the event represented all year groups from Years 7 to 12. The girls’ shared passion for making a difference brought them together for this charity event.

The boarders adopted various approaches in preparation for the run. Some dedicated themselves to specific training routines, focusing on building their endurance and speed. Others incorporated their regular sports activities and training into their preparation. However, not all participants followed a structured training regimen, with some relying on their existing fitness levels to tackle the challenge.

Motivated by a common purpose, the boarders united under a shared reason for running – to support and raise funds for the Cancer Council. The decision to support this organisation was personal for the boarding community. Many members have experienced the impact of cancer firsthand, including the loss of two former Heads of Boarding, Linda Bulloch and Leanne McTavish. By choosing the Cancer Council as their cause, the boarders aimed to honour their memory while contributing to the fight against cancer.

As the event unfolded, participants experienced both physical and emotional highs. For Paige, the highlight of the day was successfully completing the 12-kilometre distance, a feat she had been training and working towards. She was excited to accomplish her goal and enjoyed being able to share the experience with her friends, further cementing the bonds within the boarding community.


An early morning start for the keen runners

The Run for a Reason proved to be a resounding success, with the boarders’ collective efforts making a meaningful impact on the cause they chose to support. By running and raising funds for the Cancer Council, they demonstrated not only their personal determination but also their commitment to the wider community. Their dedication and resilience serve as an inspiration to others, showcasing the power of unity and purpose in creating positive change.

Thank you to Paige and Health & Physical Education teachers Olivia Gamble and Sarah Morris, who helped organise the girls and prepare them for the day.

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