Camp Chronicles: Students Discover the Secrets to Resilience and Teamwork

Over Weeks 7 and 8, our energetic Year 9 students enthusiastically dove into an exhilarating adventure at Bush Camp near the scenic town of Karridale, located among the greenery of Karri forest.  Engaging in a myriad of activities, they not only had a blast but also discovered invaluable lessons in teamwork through exhilarating physical challenges. The camp programs aimed to cultivate resilience, spark collaboration, foster a deep connection with nature, offer a much-needed technology break, encourage peer networking, and craft memories that refuse to fade. The girls took responsibility for preparing and cooking their own meals, as well as managing their accommodation.

Picture this: in the heart of the adventure, our brave students ventured into the depths of caving, bravely navigating dimly lit atmospheres to explore intricate cave systems. The high ropes experience elevated the thrill, challenging students to conquer new heights and, in the process, nurturing their confidence and determination amid the towering trees.

The excitement didn’t end there. Abseiling transformed into a metaphorical mountain for our girls, enabling them to establish personal goals and challenge their resilience while appreciating the scenic view. Every handhold and foothold served as a testament to their courage and determination.

Year 9 Dean, Anne Fisher shares with us her experience below:

Could you provide a brief overview of the Year 9 camp? What was its purpose, and could you share the various activities the girls engaged in?

Camp is about the students making memories and doing things outside their comfort zone. The students take part in activities that are both challenging and fun. Abseiling down a cliff, sitting in the dark in a cave, trekking with a full backpack, navigating a high ropes course. All activities require trust, cooperation and grit. Camp breaks down barriers, builds resilience and allows learning to take place outside of the four walls of the classroom. Although they might complain about the march flies and the heat, their life-long memories will be filled with feelings of pride and nostalgia.

Are there any standout anecdotes or memorable experiences from the camp that come to mind?

The students that were on Camp in Week 7 witnessed the most amazing natural event of a meteor that appeared to be just above the beautiful Karri trees, lighting the night sky in orange and blue light. Some students also believed they could hear it. This really was out of this world.

What skills do you believe the girls acquire during the camp?

Camp gave Year 9 students an opportunity to work with different people and widen their circle of friends. They were exposed to a variety of different people who, in the past, may have appeared shy or introverted but were given an opportunity to shine. Camp challenges students and encourages them to work through their fears and insecurities, giving them confidence and a belief in themselves. Our Year 9s come back exhausted but with a better appreciation of themselves, their year group and their families.

In these weeks of adventure, the Karridale camp wasn’t just a series of activities; it was a journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, and memories that will undoubtedly be reminisced for the years to come.

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