Camraderie, Competition, and Celebration: Interhouse Athletics Carnival

The Interhouse Athletics Carnival stands as a favourite among our students, and for good reason! It unites the entire College community, creating an atmosphere of competition and camaraderie at the WA Athletics Stadium.

The event also embraces inclusivity, welcoming all students regardless of their ability level. Whether they excel in sprinting, revel in tunnel ball, or passionately participate in the House chants, there’s an opportunity for every girl to be part of the excitement.

Students may have experienced four weather seasons in one day, but this did not stop them from having an awesome day out on the track and field.

There were some incredible performances, in both individual and team events. Students showed great determination, resilience, and tenacity, which they should be extremely proud of.

A special mention must go to Year 6 student Addi Masci, who was the only junior school student to run in the final Open Relay event, which meant that she was in the top four fastest runners over 100m in her Kelly House… how impressive!  

Overall, the girls also demonstrated remarkable teamwork and support for one another, cheering on their peers with enthusiasm and genuine encouragement. It was fantastic to see students come together across year levels and really embrace the Santa spirit.

Champion and Runner Up Champion girls for each year level, as well as the overall House results, will be announced on Wednesday 2 August. Judging by the incredible performances witnessed on the day, we think it is going to be a close one!

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