Celebrating Years 5 & 6 Achievement in 2022

Years 5 and 6 students were recognised for their hard work today in front of their families and friends at their annual Awards Ceremony this week. 

Our Year 6 leaders played an important role in leading the awards ceremony and spoke with confidence.

Jennifer Oaten gave a speech to the guests and students where she reminded us not to form opinions of others when we don’t know their situation or circumstances. We don’t know their story, yet we are often quick to judge. She reminded us to be people who listen, to be kind and compassionate human beings, to keep an open mind and not judge others based on what we see on the outside.

“Each of us has walked a very different journey in our life. We have all had different challenges and joys, and we don’t always know others’ stories and what they have faced in their lives,” she said, encouraging us to take the time to look around and see everyone in our community and learn something about their story.

During the Awards morning, parents enjoyed performances by the Years 5 and 6 Choir and the Year 5 Beginner Band, a dance performance from 5.2 and an Art Parade. The girls showed great courage during their performances, particularly the Beginner’s Band.

Colourful artworks the girls have been working on throughout the year were on display, before and after the Awards Ceremony, at the Years 5 and 6 Art Exhibition in the Mercy Gallery.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked hard and achieved their goals this year. 

Congratulations to the 2022 award winners.


Academic Endeavour

Viyana Winston Dominic
Isabelle Bong
Millineta Huang
Grace Field

Academic Excellence

Ava Kemp
Sophie Widjaja
Grace Cowin
Mahua Madan

Year 5 Mercy Award                                    

Annie Singh
Christine Stokes


Academic Endeavour

Madeleine Neville
Skye Atherton
Courtney Binns

Academic Excellence

Lianne Kim
Emily McCarthy
Lucy Lomma
Pia De Rossi

Year 6 Anna Maria Doyle Award

Lianne Kim
Abby Sheehan

Year 6 Mercy Award

Ellen Immoos
Gia Smart

Years 5 & 6 House Awards

Byrne House Award
Scarlett Kildare

Corbett House Award
Willow Marshall

de la Hoyde House Award
Havanna Ferraro

Dillon House Award
Alice Gray

 Frayne House Award
Alyanna Mejia

Kelly House Award
Elena Anastasakis

O’Donnell House Award
Abigail Sheehan

O’Reilly House Award
Millicent Grant

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