College Community Raises Over $45,000 for Charity in 2019

At this morning’s assembly, Head Girl, Jasmine Chow, announced that the College community has raised over $45,000 for charity this year. 

Here are some of the donations made throughout the year:

  • Project Compassion: $6,000
  • Winter Appeal: $2,500 plus 100s of goods
  • Mercy Works: $3,000
  • Cambodia: $18,000
  • Christmas Appeal: $2,500 plus $100s of goods

Jasmine went on to thank everyone for the many hundreds of hours given through voluntary service groups at the College. She said, “May you continue to be large-hearted Mercy women who see a need in the community and respond to it.”

Thank you, everyone, for your amazing generosity and willingness to help those in need.

Alexa Teixeira’s Journey from Santa Maria College to the screen

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Equipping Our Year 10 Students for the Future

Santa Maria College’s Future10 Program empowers Year 10 students with comprehensive guidance for academic and career planning. Through personalised course counselling, resources like the Learn Curriculum Handbook, and interactive events such as the Course Expo, students gain clarity and confidence in their subject choices. The program fosters a collaborative approach involving parents, teachers, and external representatives, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future pathways.

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the Winter Appeal and Outreach Mass at Santa Maria College.

Term 2 – Empowering Students and Community – Jennifer Oaten

As we conclude another remarkable term at Santa Maria College, we celebrate the myriad achievements and growth of our students. Term 2 was filled with empowering opportunities, from faith-based activities and learning innovations to social awareness projects and community engagements, embodying our Mercy values and commitment to excellence.

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