Conversation Benches – Years 12 Leaders’ Legacy


Year 12 leaders, Alexandra Downing and Arianna Tolardo, supported by the Year 12 Student Leadership group, submitted a proposal to the College for two conversation benches earlier this year.

In their submission, the girls stated, “As the SLC, we feel there is a need for a visual and more casual symbol on College grounds that encourages students to sit with another and trust an older peer with their situation, rather than suffering in silence.” They went on to say, “The conversation benches create a space that is comfortable, inviting and open to encourage both staff and students to be asking questions about their wellbeing every day of the year. We feel that this could be a massive step in creating a College that is open to discussion on this topic and prevents staff and students from isolating themselves in the future.”

Through the generosity of the Parent Council, the two benches have now been installed in the Mercy Walk. The Student Leadership Council are delighted that as they graduate, they have left students of Santa Maria with a new location to meet and chat, with a permanent reminder of R U OK?

With this week being Health Week and R U OK? Day, it was timely that the benches were dedicated at a small student-led ceremony on Thursday.

We chatted with Alexandra and Arianna about the importance of these benches in the video above.

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