Cross Country Challenge

The Interhouse Cross Country Carnival was originally due to run this week. So in its place, Mrs Oaten came up with the idea of introducing a House competition.

Staff and students were invited to don their House shirt and show some House spirit by taking videos and photos of themselves running. Even a few pets joined in.

We were amazed by the overwhelming response from both our students and staff and put the images into the video above.

Great job everyone.

Here are the final results.

1st O’Reilly (78 photos)
2nd O’Donnell (65 photos)
3rd Corbett (53 photos)
4th de la Hoyde (50 photos)
5th Frayne (49 photos)
6th Byrne (45 photos)
7th Dillon (38 photos)
8th Kelly (33 photos)

Thank you to everyone who got involved. 

Embracing Tradition: Praying the Rosary

One of the cherished traditions that we hold dear is our weekly gathering in the chapel to recite the Rosary. The Rosary isn’t just a routine prayer; it’s a sacred tradition that brings us together in faith and love.

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