Dancing the Night Away: Year 10 Social

Our Year 10 students recently participated in their Social  with Aquinas College, where they were able to hit the dance floor and showcase the new dancing abilities they have been working hard on throughout the term. We heard from some students about the exciting event, you can read about their experience below. 

“After four weeks of after-school lessons filled with a mixture of excitement and nerves (and sweaty hands), we were eager to put our newfound dancing skills to good use on Friday night. The much anticipated Year 10 Social did not disappoint. It was a night of big smiles, laughter and pretty dresses as we danced the night away.  

The night began with partner dancing, followed by a lovely supper, and later, there was time for free dancing where everyone could showcase their own dance moves before the night ended. A highlight of the night for many was an amazing performance by two professional ballroom dancers, which led to quite a few of the students questioning their own dancing abilities!  

This experience is one we won’t forget anytime soon; it was a great way to connect with students from Aquinas College and meet new people whilst learning some traditional dances. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event and express great thanks to everyone who organised the lessons and the night, including Humphreys Dance Studio, staff from both Colleges as well as all the students who participated.” Abbie Inferrera and Matilda Thomson

“The Year 10 Social was a great night. It was so much fun to be able to socialise and dance with friends and new people. I loved this opportunity and wish to do more similar events.” Sarah Gugiatti

“I really enjoyed socialising with the boys from Aquinas College, and I made many new friends.” Scarlett Forzatti  

Overall it was an enjoyable night for the students and it was fantastic to see everyone getting involved. The students from both schools should be very proud of the way they participated and gave all the dances a go!

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