Ensemble Concert 2023

Wednesday night saw our Music community come together for the annual Ensemble Concert. This provided a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their talents after a long preparation process. 

Paul Kinsella, Head of Music, talks more about this wonderful evening of entertainment. 

Who performed at the Ensemble Concert?

The Concert Band, String Orchestra, McAuley Concert Band, McMahon String Ensemble, Flute Choir, Swing Band, Percussion Ensemble, Senior Guitar Ensemble, and Junior Guitar Ensemble – essentially all of the ensembles in the Music co-curricular program, which made for a fantastic night of music. 

What are some of the songs that were performed?

Music from Mamma Mia, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Lion King, and ‘Danger Zone’ from the movie Top Gun. A great variety! 

Can you tell us about the rehearsal process?

Students had rehearsed weekly since the beginning of the year to ensure that they were prepared and ready to perform.

How does being in an ensemble and performing as a group benefit students?

Performing in a group allows to students to be inspired to excel through listening and rehearsing with other students who may be more advanced on the same instrument. It also improves performance confidence for the students involved and allows them to create something special as a group that would be impossible by themselves through sharing their talents and hard work with others. It’s also very fun!

What challenges did the students face in their rehearsals and how did they overcome them for their performance?

All of the students go through an arc where through repetition and tenacity, they develop repertoire and polish pieces ready for performance.

Congratulations, girls, on a fantastic performance! Your hard work in rehearsals has definitely paid off, with an outstanding concert. 

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