Evie Shares Her ATAR Dance Experience

Evie McCormack (Class of 2021) achieved the highest award, a Subject Exhibition for ATAR Dance in her WACE exam.

Today, Evie visited our Years 11 and 12 students to share her advice on achieving their goals in ATAR Dance. She discussed key elements including how she approached learning and refining the Set Solo and the creative process she went through in making and bringing her Original Solo Composition (OSC) to a high performance standard.

Evie discussed dance improvisation and how she experimented and prepared for this element of the practical exam. In order to develop her responses for the interview section of the exam Evie wrote thorough answers and got her family to test her.

Collaboration was key to Evie’s success. Taking the time to bounce ideas off her classmates and to discuss the key features of the case studies helped Evie solidify her thoughts. She would then spend time writing and doing practice questions to prepare for the written elements of the ATAR course.

Throughout her ATAR studies Evie maintained her fitness by going for the occasional run and by using the College gym before school a couple of times a week.

Evie discussed how she balanced her studies in dance with the rest of her ATAR studies. Being organised and using her time effectively was key. Her advice to the students was knowing when they work most effectively and studying then. For Evie this meant fitting in an hour of study between 6 and 7 am most days.

Our students loved being able to ask Evie questions about her approach and revision strategies.

Evie is currently studying a BA of Physiotherapy at Notre Dame University and thoroughly enjoying her course. We wish her all the best with her future studies.

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