Exploring the Universe: Students Visit Gravity Discovery Centre

Ever wondered about the life cycle of stars? As part of their Earth and Space Sciences unit, our Year 5 students visited the Gravity Discovery Centre situated in Gin Gin recently to learn more about this and much more.

It was an incredible day filled with exciting activities. The girls worked in groups and climbed a massive tower to conduct a gravity experiment. They also had the chance to observe the sun using a specialised solar telescope.

Inside the Discovery Room, the girls explored the effects of copper on objects, the speed of sound, and the influence of gravity on the movement of objects. They even embarked on a solar system walk to learn about the formation of the solar system. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for the Year 5 students.

Here’s what some of the girls had to say about the experience:

“This was probably my most favourite excursion that I’ve been on. My favourite part was when we got to drop water balloons from the super-high tower because that was when I found out I am afraid of heights. But I also loved all the other exhibits that I got to see and all the information I received.” Greta Abrahams 5.2

 “I really enjoyed looking at the sun – I could see the hot red surface through the telescope. I loved finding out that we were made of stardust – atoms from different particles. Laws of gravity were pretty cool too!” Ania Watson 5.3

“My favourite part was when we got to look through the special telescope and see the sun. It was red.” Mila Schlager, 5.4

 “The excursion was really cool, and I learnt about how the solar system was made. The sun is not one of the bigger stars. It’s actually really small compared to the other ones and is considered a yellow dwarf.” Matilda Collins, 5.5

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