Fearless5 Gets Underway

Year 5s started their Fearless5 journey this week with great gusto and enthusiasm. The girls are excited about the theme for the project which is, ‘How can we encourage the bird population around Attadale to visit Santa Maria College?’

On Monday, the students were introduced to the task and discussed Santa Maria College’s Learning For Life qualities. In small groups, they brainstormed what these qualities meant and what they look, feel and sound like when people use them. These will be made up into a set of cards that the students can keep. There were some very tricky concepts that the Year 5s showed great understanding of.

Later in the week we hosted two guest speakers. Mandy Bamford is from the Gould League of Western Australia and shared with the students her passion for birds and environmental work to help preserve their birds’ environments. She showed the girls some intriguing data about what happens to bird populations when more bushland, shrubs, and trees are planted.

Our next guest speaker was our very own staff member, Melissa Marshall, who spoke about her work with the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre. She taught the students how to identify different birds and even how to read their body language to know what they might be saying.

The girls have also enjoyed some bird watching around the Attadale area to get a good idea of what birds are around. They are very excited to put their scientific skills into practice in the field!

The girls continue Fearless5 next week. Stay tuned for more.

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