From Classroom to Stage: Students Rock Tribute Night

Earlier this week, the third annual Tribute Concert unfolded, featuring an impressive showcase of talent from over 60 students who graced the stage of the McDonald Building. This event is a collaborative effort among students in the Years 8 – 11 Music Class electives. Each student selects a pop/rock act or artist and delivers a captivating set in front of a live audience. Notably, some students made their debut as performers, taking on instruments solely for the occasion, and their remarkable performances left a lasting impression.

 The event was pulsating with energy, thanks to the spirited contributions from each year group. The Year 8 students kicked off the excitement with a selection of Miley Cyrus hits, setting the tone for the evening.

Year 9 students took the stage, serenading the audience with Harry Styles’ hits. They even added a touch of Harry Styles’ flair, adorning themselves with feather boas, and by the end of the night, the floor was a mosaic of colourful boa feathers, a testament to their spirited performance.

The audience was transported back in time by the Year 11s as they performed classics like ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire and Fleetwood Mac. This was thoroughly enjoyed by the parents in the crowd. 

The finale saw the very talented Year 11 students performing a set of hits by the Backstreet Boys to the crowd’s delight.

This event is a major drawcard for the girls involved in the program and is a fantastic opportunity for them to experience the joy and excitement that can be gained from a well-rehearsed contemporary performance where they have to engage and involve the audience.

Many thanks to Paul Kinsella, Head of Music, the instrumental and vocal tutors, along with Jess Del Borrello, Michelle Hunt and Taylor Cutts for playing a major part in making the evening such an enjoyable and entertaining one. 

Congratulations to all of the performers – the talent on display was so impressive as was the support that each Year group received on the night.

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