Future10: A Great Success

Recently we reported on a new Enhanced Learning Program for the Year 10 cohort, called Future10. This week it was implemented for the first time. The girls have had a busy few days learning about financial literacy, wellbeing and mental health strategies.

Throughout the program, students heard from guest speakers, enjoyed a Q & A panel with current Year 11 students, participated in a drumming session and enjoyed a class of Konga body. Students were also given time to reflect on their year.

Here is what some of the girls had to say about the program.

As part of Future10 course, we listened to guest speaker, Julia Schoringhuis, a financial planner/adviser, who educated us on hints and tips about how to be financially smart. It was a very educational and helpful session, and everybody learnt something new. We discovered how to make compound interest our friend and not our foe, the ups and downs of Afterpay, the benefits of debit cards compared to credit cards and simple changes we can make in order to save money.

She provided many ways we can make money, such as investing in companies, working a part-time job and saving every cent we make. Julia has helped every girl who participated in the Future10 course and I am sure her tips have educated and influenced our Year group, allowing us to spend and save intelligently. Georgia Mack

As part of our Future10 course, we were given the opportunity to listen and learn about smart spending and the factors that impact our decisions as consumers. The guest speaker, Tamara from the organisation Smart Spending was enthusiastic and interactive making her presentation fun and enjoyable. I’m sure that we all learnt how to save our money wisely while still satisfy our wants. She made us aware of four reasons why we struggle as consumers with our personal saving and gave us strategies to make saving a good habit in our day to day lives. Amity Tsagaris

We had the fantastic opportunity to listen to an informative presentation on mental health and wellbeing given by Tom from ‘Helping Minds’. During the presentation, Tom used a range of examples to enhance our understanding of mental health and how it affects each person, such as celebrities. He explained the symptoms of each type of mental illness and shared tips on how to assist a friend or family member who you suspect has one.

Tom also talked about resilience and how it relates to stress, relationships and making choices, which can affect our day-to-day lives. This section of the presentation was very helpful as it gave us strategies to be more mindful and healthy. Olivia Gilkison

One of the activities we did during the two days of Future10 was drumming. It was a very enjoyable and entertaining session providing some much-needed stress relief after our previous weeks of exams.

Martin, the man who ran the drumming session, taught us about the different drums from West Africa and the amazing rhythms they can create, accompanied by many different percussion instruments. As a group we followed the movements of other classmate’s dance moves and formed a strong rhythm for them to follow.

The session was about having fun and creating our own sound. All in all, it was a great experience and an extremely fun way to end a great year. Liliana Cottino

To start Day 2 of  Future10,  five Year 11 students prepared a panel discussion for us, where they shared their advice and tips they have learnt over the course of Year 11. They emphasised the importance of staying on top of our work schedule and prioritising the most important aspects of our lives. The girls also suggested we always speak with our teachers as it will become very useful for our assessments and most importantly our exams. They also mentioned a program called TAMS, which is a tutoring and mentoring opportunity for us to gain extra advice and better understand aspects of our learning.

The panel discussion was very beneficial for all of us and I’m sure we will find the advice given to us will become very useful in the next two years.

We had the great pleasure of meeting the young inspirational entrepreneur, Kai Lovel. He highlighted the importance of following our curiosities and developing our mindset so that we can unlock our purpose.

Kai explained the importance of recognising our gifts, passions and values so we can live purposefully and live purpose, fully. Kai has established the mindset that we do not balance, but we counterbalance. By this, he means we should put the majority of our focus on our major priority and avoid multitasking, so we can maintain our productivity.

Kai’s presentation explored his inspiring journey into the world of entrepreneurship through the media and business. By following his curiosities, he has directed his passions, gifts and values to unlock what his purpose is. Through Kai’s journey, we came to understand the importance of living purposefully and developing a strong mindset to achieve this. Lana Komaromi

Equipping Our Year 10 Students for the Future

Santa Maria College’s Future10 Program empowers Year 10 students with comprehensive guidance for academic and career planning. Through personalised course counselling, resources like the Learn Curriculum Handbook, and interactive events such as the Course Expo, students gain clarity and confidence in their subject choices. The program fosters a collaborative approach involving parents, teachers, and external representatives, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future pathways.

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