Gold Standard Mathematics at Santa Maria

Santa Maria College has been recognised as a Gold standard Maths Active School. This registration is ratified by the Mathematics Association of Western Australia (MAWA). It recognises the work above and beyond the classroom a Mathematics department does to ensure the best opportunities for students.

The registration authority looks at:

  • Student participation in mathematics co-curricular activities
  • Student participation in state and national competitions
  • Student participation in specialist mathematics programs
  • Teacher participation in ongoing professional learning
  • Collaboration with other schools
  • Collaboration with the Mathematics Association of Western Australia.

MAWA says, “Being named a Gold School is a reflection of the school’s commitment to quality mathematics education. Maths Active Schools are schools with the highest drive to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for students, teachers and the community.”

Head of our Mathematics Learning Area, Rachael Grieves says, “The Mathematics department at Santa Maria works hard to ensure many opportunities are provided to enrich, excite and extend all of our students. The focus has always been on enjoyment and participation; fostering the love of mathematics and continuing to have girls interested in the field.

“Being awarded Maths Active at a Gold level is a testament to the hard work of all of the Maths staff at Santa Maria and highlights the broad variety of opportunities that are provided at the College.”

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