Happy Campers

Camp is about making life-long memories and doing things outside your comfort zone. In the busyness of life, when do you get the chance to take four days out with your friends and take part in activities that are both challenging and fun?

Abseiling down a cliff, sitting in the dark in a cave, and navigating a high ropes course are all activities that require trust, cooperation, and grit. Camp breaks down barriers, builds resilience, and allows learning to take place outside the four walls of the classroom, and while they might complain about the drop-toilets and the march flies, their life-long memories will be filled with feelings of pride and nostalgia!

Camp allows our Year 9s to work with different people and widen their circle of friends. They are exposed to a variety of different leadership styles and students who in the past may have appeared shy or introverted, are given an opportunity to shine.

Camp challenges our students and encourages them to work through their fears and insecurities, giving them confidence and a belief in themselves. Our Year 9s have come back exhausted but with a better appreciation of themselves, their year group, and their families.

Year 9 Dean of Students Lisa Taylor, says, “I hope that they had fun, that they laughed with their friends, that they enjoyed being teenagers and made deeper connections with their peers. I hope that camp builds the skills needed to overcome life’s-challenges and that they learn they are strong women who can face life head-on.”

Lisa adds, “Our Year 9s are a wonderful group of students, and seeing them on camp, makes me more excited about being their Dean next year. It is a privilege to be able to witness and support the journey of such a beautiful group of strong, kind, compassionate, and witty young people.”

Bring on 2023!

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