Highlights from the 2024 Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Friday morning found us eagerly making our way to HBF Stadium, brimming with excitement to cheer on our students and Houses at the 2024 Years 7 -12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival.

Congratulations to all who participated in this vibrant and engaging event! We were particularly grateful for the respite from the sweltering heat, thanks to the event being held within the cool confines of the stadium.

True to tradition, the stadium was awash with a kaleidoscope of bright colours as students dressed themselves in cheerful and vibrant outfits and costumes, adding to the festive atmosphere of the day.

Among the formal races, various team activities were also organised, such as the ‘Boogie Board Relay,’ involving eight competitors and one board per team. Participants were required to lie on the boogie board and swiftly traverse from one end to the other, aiming to outpace their opponents.

Another engaging event was the Lifejacket Relay, featuring eight competitors and one lifejacket per team. Each team member had to swim across the pool with the lifejacket on, striving to reach the opposite side as quickly as possible.

House Results:

Year 7 – Kelly 
Year 8 – O’Reilly
Year 9 – O’Reilly
Year 10 – Frayne 
Year 11 – Corbett
Year 12 – O’Donnell


Year 7

Champion –  Annie Smythe (O’Donnell)
Runner Up  – Elizabeth Chen (Byrne) 

Year 8 

Champion – Bethany Jurkans (O’Donnell) 
Runner Up – Lauren Nolan (O’Reilly) 

Year 9 

Champion – Jayde Veverka (Dillon)
Runner Up – Aria Di Giuseppe (O’Donnell) 

Year 10 

Champion – Sienna Pitt (Frayne) 
Runner Up – Elizabeth Kane (O’Reilly) 

Year 11 

Champion – Helen Smith (O’Reilly)
Runner Up – Sienna Walker (Dillon)

Year 12 

Champion – Ava Forrest (de La Hoyde)
Runner Up – Bianca Monaco (Byrne)


Year 12 – 100m Freestyle 

Bianca Monaco (1.01.12) 

Year 11 – 100m Freestyle 

Helen Smith (1.00.59) 

Year 12 – 50m Freestyle 

Ava Forrest 28.16 

A Big Thank You and Congratulations

A heartfelt expression of gratitude and congratulations are in order!

The success of Friday’s Swimming Carnival was a testament to the remarkable dedication and coordination exhibited by our entire staff. Special recognition goes to Emma Wood, the PE department, House Coordinators, and administrative staff whose meticulous attention to detail ensured that the day unfolded seamlessly.

Congratulations also to all who took part in making the day a truly enjoyable and memorable experience! The Santa Maria College sense of community was well and truly alive. We look forward to the Years 5 & 6 Swimming Carnival later in the term which will see the scores finalised and overall winning House announced. 

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