Year 7 Commissioning: Welcome to Our Newest Leaders

At Santa Maria, there is a special tradition for our Year 7 students when it comes to electing their leaders. We give them time to settle in and really get to know each other. After a term at the College, they are ready to take on the responsibility of leadership. This week, we had the pleasure of formally commissioning our 2024 Year 7 Leaders at an assembly in front of their peers.

Principal Jennifer Oaten and Dean of Year 7 students Julie Schubert proudly presented the girls with their badges, with a helping hand from Head Girl Isabella and Deputy Head Girl Elizabeth.

Congratulations to our newly appointed Year 7 leaders for 2024:

Elizabeth Chen
Isla Raspa

Billie Woods-Smith
Holly Wingfield

de la Hoyde
Isla Blake
Poppy Hambling

Milla Meadows
Alice Gray

Millineta Huang
Audrey Toussaint

Addi Masci
Lily Brand

Imogen Duffin
Isabelle Bong

Eva Smith
Millicent Grant

Reflecting on the process, Julie Schubert shared, “Commissioning the new Year 7 leaders this week was a delight. The quality of all the applicants was truly impressive, and the voting in each Homeroom was a close call. I extend my congratulations to all Year 7 students who put themselves forward for leadership roles, and I look forward to working closely with our new leaders.”

During her address to the new leaders and the Year 7 cohort, Jennifer Oaten emphasised the leadership legacy of our foundress, Catherine McAuley. She encouraged the girls to embody Catherine’s values of service, compassion, and decisive action. Jennifer outlined four key characteristics she hopes our new leaders will embody:

  1. Respect everyone: Be inclusive and represent the entire year group.
  2. Ensure every voice is heard: Be approachable and attentive to others’ perspectives.
  3. Do what is right: Make principled decisions, even when they are tough.
  4. Take action: Be proactive, work collaboratively, and take pride in your accomplishments.

We extend our best wishes to our new leaders as they embark on this exciting journey.

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