House Day: Creating Community and Building Team Spirit

This week we saw the trial of a new House Day where all students and staff were invited to dress in their House colours.

House Coordinators planned various activities for students to participate in at recess, encouraging some friendly rivalry and being active at break time.

Houses held a variety of team-building exercises during House PCT (Pastoral Care Time). This was followed by a beautiful shared lunch, allowing the girls to engage with others from different year groups. 

Year 9 student Matilda Regan reflected on the day being a fun opportunity to bond with her Homeroom.

Fellow Year 9 student Sienna Hopkins acknowledged the significance of learning about the history of her House. Each of our Houses is named in honour of a Sister of Mercy. 

Our House Coordinators work hard through the year to create a place in our College community where students belong.

Corbett House Coordinator Marissa Gangemi and the Corbett girls established the goal of “creating community and building team spirit” for 2023 and spent time reflecting on this goal.

O’Reilly House Coordinator Sarah Morris feels the House system is an important part of College life “it helps to teach us the value of teamwork, perseverance, and leadership, and help us develop the skills and traits we need to succeed not just in school, but in life as well.”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to organising such a fantastic day. 

Danielle Spark | Director of Pastoral Care

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