Immersed Inside New Cultural Centre

2023 Head Girl, Nishi, taking a look inside the new Cultural Centre

You may remember we recently announced the upcoming build of our state-of-the-art music, drama, and dance facility.

This week, some of our student leaders, and members of the College Leadership Team, were immersed inside the new Cultural Centre through virtual reality technology!

This virtual reality presentation by Architectus provided staff and students, who will make use of the new facilities, with a full 360-degree view of the Cultural Centre – enabling them to get a feeling for the space and design and perceive the actual scale of the project.

The virtual reality experience was a fantastic opportunity for our teachers and students, who have been heavily involved in the design process, to see their ideas come to life.

Here is what some of our student leaders took away from the day:

In Future10 last year, my cohort was given the opportunity to provide their ideas and vision for the proposed Cultural Centre. Being able to see many of these ideas and recommendations evidenced in today’s tour was both exciting and meaningful to view as representatives of the student body. It was a privilege and a pleasure to take part in seeing the Cultural Centre come to virtual life. I look forward to returning to the College and seeing it in full use – and perhaps using it myself and with others as part of alumni programs! Nishi Jayawickrema, 2023 Head Girl

The virtual reality experience was extremely innovative and gave us an opportunity to experience firsthand the newest additions to the College. It was amazing to be able to visually imagine the architecture of the school! Lily Richardson, 2023 Deputy Head Boarder

2023 Deputy Head Girl, Lily Richardson, exploring inside the new Cultural Centre through virtual reality

I was particularly impressed by the external design and the natural colour scheme matching flawlessly to the already beautiful grounds and buildings of Santa Maria. The new building appears like it really belongs and will be such an asset to the prestige of the school and future students. Alice Gosper, 2023 Head Boarder

Today was an incredible experience witnessing the new design of the Cultural Centre through a virtual reality tour. There has been an obvious amount of time, effort, and thought put into this project and I am extremely excited to be able to see future students, staff, and parents gather as a community in this building. The careful preparation of this building has considered the recommendations and ideas on behalf of the student body. This space is a fantastic way to discover and embrace all the different varieties of dance, drama, music, and art Santa Maria College has to offer. Grace McLean, 2023 Deputy Head Boarder

We can’t wait for the construction of the Cultural Centre to commence! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the process.

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