Junior Girls Make a Splash!

Our junior school girls have certainly made a splash in the pool over the past week, with both the Interhouse & JIGSSA Twilight Swimming Carnivals taking place!  

To kick things off, our Years 5 and 6 students participated in the Interhouse Carnival at our College pool last Friday! There was lots of smiles, cheering, encouragement, and determination.  

Staff were very impressed with what they witnessed, both in and out of the pool. 

From L to R: Year 6 Runner-Up Champion, Cassandra (6.10, O'Donnell), Year 5 Runner-Up Champion, Mila (5.4, Corbett), Year 5 Champion, Annie (5.3, O'Donnell), and Year 6 Champion, Bethany (6.10, O'Donnell)

We would like to congratulate the following girls, in recognition of their fantastic performances on the day:  

Year 5
Champion Girl: Annie (5.3, O’Donnell)
Runner-Up Champion Girl: Mila (5.4, Corbett)

Year 6
Champion Girl: Bethany (6.10, O’Donnell)
Runner-Up Champion Girl: Cassandra (6.9, O’Reilly)

Based on the results from the Interhouse event, a group of girls were selected to compete in the annual JIGSSA Twilight Swimming Carnival. This was held last night at HBF Stadium.

Despite the constraints of COVID-19, the girls were still made to feel like the carnival was the real deal. With touch timing and Swimming WA officials, our squad was pumped to put on a show and do the College proud. 

And that they certainly did!  

The teamwork and Santa Spirit they displayed was second to none. The girls put in 110% effort and left everything out in the pool. It was a fantastic event all-round!

Our Year 5s received 4th place overall, and the Year 6s received 8th. 

A massive thank you goes to all the girls involved, and staff member Kim Christie, who worked tirelessly to organise our team and prepare them for the event.

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