Just Leadership!

On Tuesday 13 February, girls in the Year 9 Just Leadership Program, were given the opportunity to go to Newman College for the launch of Caritas’ Project Compassion for 2018. It was an amazing experience where we met people from different schools around Perth and extended our knowledge about compassion and justice. We heard from Sister Anne, who shared her stories about people in need and the important work of Caritas. We learnt about social justice issues and are now inspired to help others in need. We were shown the symbols of Caritas, including the candle of hope and the scriptures.

After the workshop, we enjoyed a morning tea of pancakes celebrating Shrove Tuesday. We then continued with Mass, presided by His Grace, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe. The liturgy was lovely and we were inspired by the homily about Jesus and justice. In summary, we gained valuable knowledge from this Caritas excursion and had an enjoyable experience. We highly recommend these workshops and the Just Leadership program continue for years to come. We can’t wait for Caritas Day!

Charlotte Westlake and Jana Mikosza, Year 9 Byrne

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