Knowledge Is Power

Studying ATAR politics gives our students a strong understanding of their rights and how to exercise these effectively. Each year the Law Society of Western Australia awards the top performing Year 12 Politics and Law student in each school a certificate of Excellence.

The 2020 recipient of this award is Madelyn Fowler.

Maddie had this to say about why other students should study ATAR Politics and Law.

“Studying Politics and Law has been vital in my development as an educated citizen as it has allowed me to understand the way in which the Australian political and legal system operates. I have become motivated to keep up to date with current issues affecting people in Australia and around the world. I have also learnt about the US political system such as its voting processes, the features of its Constitution, and topical issues concerning its Bill of Rights.

“I can confidently say that I am now able to leave the College as an informed citizen with a proficient understanding of key political and legal principles. As a result, I am able to impart my knowledge and educate others who may not have had the opportunity to study this important subject.”

We wish Maddie all the very best next year as she embarks on a Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with direct entry into Juris Doctor. We are sure she has a very bright future ahead.

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