Kracken Team Shines at RoboCup National Championship 2023

L to R: The Kraken Team of Heidi, Lola, Stephanie, Issy, Sarah

The holidays just got a lot more exciting for our school as our Kracken robotics team emerged victorious at the RoboCup Junior Australia Open National Championship 2023, securing a well-deserved second place! We couldn’t be prouder of their achievement.

The Kracken team, consisting of Year 8 students Stephanie Kerr, Isabel (Issy) Henwood, Heidi Godwin, Sarah Perry, and Lola Cook, put their coding and robotics skills to the test in the onstage novice category. Unfortunately, Lola was unable to attend the competition but was a big part of the girls success right up to the competition. Here’s a glimpse into their remarkable journey.

Preparation for the Competition

To reach the heights they did, the Kracken team put in a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. Stephanie, Issy, Heidi, Sarah, and Lola engaged in rigorous coding preparation, combining trial and error to fine-tune their robot’s functionality. Their unwavering commitment was evident, as they tirelessly tested their robots every day to ensure they were ready to shine on the national stage.

Competing in the Onstage Novice Category

Competing in the onstage novice category was no small feat. The team’s robot had to perform under pressure and scrutiny, showcasing not only their coding skills but their ability to excel in a live performance setting.

The Experience & Highlights

The journey to the National Championship was both challenging and rewarding for the Kracken team. While the experience was undoubtedly stressful, it was equally enjoyable and filled with countless opportunities for growth and learning. They relished in the new experiences they gained along the way, and their smiles at the end were testament to the fulfillment they found in this adventure.

Overcoming Challenges

No competition is without its challenges, and the Kracken team faced their fair share. Coding issues proved to be the trickiest obstacle, with their robots sometimes behaving unpredictably despite consistent programming. But they were undeterred. The team persevered, investing significant time and effort into troubleshooting and fine-tuning their code.

The Love for Robotics

For these students, the love for robotics goes far beyond winning a trophy. It’s about the process of designing, building, and coding robots that fuels their passion. They cherish the collaborative aspect of the journey, working together to solve problems and overcome obstacles. The Kracken team found the entire process exhilarating and fun, and their dedication culminated in their well-deserved second-place victory.

We couldn’t be more delighted for the Kracken team on their remarkable achievement National Championships. Their dedication, teamwork, and enthusiasm is truly commendable. We look forward to more exciting developments from our budding robotic enthusiasts in the future.

Congratulations once again, Kracken Team!

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