Languages Cultural Day

This year’s Languages Cultural Day was a huge success, with a large number of activities organised giving girls the opportunity to celebrate different cultures from around the world. Year 12 Language students, members of the Student Leadership Council and Languages staff, dressed in costume for the day. The College was decorated in green, white, red and blue, the colours of the Italian and French flags, to acknowledge the two language subjects offered at Santa Maria.

At recess, the activities included sculpting and sketching competitions where girls recreated famous artworks to win a prize. Some were very impressive recreations. Face painting was very popular with girls of all years.

The activities continued through lunch with a Waiters’ Race, an Amazing Race, ‘Little Miss Squeezebox’ playing the accordion and students participating in the tarantella. A gelati pop up store was very popular amongst the girls.

Languages Cultural Day was a day filled with fun for all and offered many opportunities to embrace different cultures. Grazie! Merci!

Sara Coombs, Cultural Captain

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