Leadership in Action: Student Leaders Council Meeting and Dinner

This week, the 2024 Student Leadership Council (SLC) gathered to deliberate on their goals and strategies as leaders. The evening commenced with an afternoon gathering, followed by a liturgy and dinner in the Community Room.

During the meeting,  Principal Jennifer Oaten shared some inspiring words and gifted the girls with some special cards containing words of affirmation and the College prayer, to guide them throughout their tenure as leaders. The girls shared three words that they felt encapsulated their qualities as leaders, from ‘kind’ and ‘energetic’ to ‘ambitious’ and ‘dedicated’. 

Our 2024 Head Girl, Isabella Morrison shared her perspective of the night:

“The 2023/24 SLC had the opportunity to come together and hold our first official meeting as the senior leaders of the College. We were privileged to be joined by Mrs Oaten during the meeting before we proceeded to the Community Room for our liturgy and dinner. The liturgy, hosted by Mrs Trolio, focused on our call to leadership and drew on messages from the foundress of the sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley. During the liturgy, Mrs Trolio invited us to participate in an anointing ritual, placing a cross on our hands with oil which represented a calling to us to use our hands to do good and serve in our role as leaders.  The evening was enjoyed by everyone, and it was the perfect start to a year of leadership! We look forward to sharing some of our plans with the Year 12 cohort and the rest of the College community very soon.”

The Year 12 leadership journey holds a unique significance, with students assuming the role of change-makers and leaders for their peers in Years 5 to 12. They are entrusted with the responsibility to represent their friends and fellow students, and they are wholeheartedly committed to making the best decisions for the college. 

We look forward to seeing the exciting projects our 2024 SLC has in store for the upcoming year.

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