Lights, Camera, Action!

With award-winning films on display, and students proudly parading their garments down the catwalk, the night held an atmosphere of true red carpet glamour.

Despite the restrictions we were facing for our school events, staff decided to embrace the opportunity to do something new. And the new Red Carpet Event was born.

Lucy Kilroe, Visual Arts Captain for 2021, introduced three parades. The Visual Arts Department showcased garments designed and made by Years 9 & 10 Visual Arts students and Year 9 Design students.

The Year 9 Visual Arts students took their inspiration from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and her kaleidoscopic repetition of pattern and colour, applying techniques of wheat paste resist and appliqué.

The Year 10 students took inspiration from the Dutch fashion powerhouse Victor & Rolf and their 2016 collection that showcased the recycling of previously designed garments. Plaiting, weaving, and hand sewing were the main techniques applied. The brief was that the students could not purchase any new fabric for their garment.

The Year 9 Design students paraded lively coloured shift dresses, looking at both cubism and surrealism, drawing inspiration from Picasso, Dali and the world around them. Designs were inspired by the first letter of the designer’s name.

Silver Screen Awards

This year, many of our very talented students have created some incredible film productions. The Silver Screen Awards (SSA) is a great opportunity for us to showcase their work, and recognise everything that goes into making a masterpiece. This year we are pleased to announce two equal first place winners and one runner up of the 2020 SSA.

Runner up award: Jacinta van der Zanden (Year 8) with a short film titled, ‘You’re Me’. This short film has a well-developed storyline with music and some great cameos that really help tell the story.

Equal 1st place: Abigail Marra (Year 8) with a stop motion film titled ‘Triumph’, and Anika Zammit (Year 8) with a cut-out stop motion titled ‘Yummy Present’. Triumph has a clever integration of a soundscape plus voice-over, a backdrop creating a jungle setting and even included a plasticine tear. A Yummy Present had a colourful pallet, cheerful music, and a clear storyline.

Equal first place winner Abigail Marra said “I was very grateful for this opportunity to show my stop motion and very appreciative to receive this honour. I think that it is simple events like this that keep students like me passionate about media and excited to keep exploring it. I enjoyed the project, it was tremendous fun.”

You're Me
Yummy Present

The event would not have been possible without a dedicated team of assistants. We would like to say thank you to:

  • the student models and participants
  • our team of staff assisting backstage
  • Year 11 Visual Arts student assistants
  • the Visual Arts staff
  • Porty for lighting and AV assistance
  • Jess Wynne and the Drama department for letting us take over the theatre
  • our presenters for the evening
  • the ICT technical magicians
  • Community Relations Department for promoting the event
  • Grounds and Maintenance for assisting in the setup
  • the College Leadership Team for their support of this new format

We hope you enjoyed our show and we look forward to seeing you next year.

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