Mary, Our Model for Motherhood

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day to honour the love and sacrifice of our earthly mothers.

In the Catholic tradition, May is also the month dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus and our heavenly mother.

The Bible says motherhood is making tangible the loving Heart of God (John 19: 27)

Mothers are to be ‘keepers at home’ (Titus 2:5), loving their family and teaching their children with joy in their hearts. Mary, our heavenly mother is the ultimate role model for mothers. She has many admirable qualities, which all women can emulate.

What can we learn from Mary?


Humility is one of the greatest human traits to possess because it fosters trust and encourages growth. Mary humbly accepted the will of the Father and trusted in God’s plan for her. ‘’Be it done unto me according to your will”. (Luke 1:38). Mary’s example of humility encourages mums to practice humility by placing the needs of others before their own.


Although Mary endured many trials in her life, she never lost sight of the Lord. She used her complete trust in God and her strong will to overcome setbacks. Mary inspires all women, especially mums, to persevere with courage when setbacks occur.


Not only did Mary travel on her own, to visit her cousin Elizabeth, a thing unheard of at the time, but she showed tremendous bravery when she had to flee with Jesus and Joseph from King Herod to live in a foreign land. Mary gives all mothers hope to be brave when it comes to protecting their children.


Mary was grateful for life and the special role she played in salvation’s history, even though she knew it would be accompanied by great suffering. Mary reminds us to be grateful for the lives of our children even when being a mother comes with some suffering.

From Mary’s life we see that motherhood is not always easy. Mothers will be concerned for the wellbeing of their children and will need to be decisive, brave, and resilient as they guide their children through life. Children on the other hand, need to honour and respect their mothers just as Jesus did. Jesus had an immense regard for his mother and always did what she asked of him.

With confidence in her intercessory power, we ask Mary, our mother, to intercede for all mothers this Mother’s Day.

I asked my Year 7 students why their mum was special to them and how they will honour their mums this Mother’s Day. Some just want to say thank you, and others wanted to make a card and buy something special for their mum. It was a delightful to see their faces light up as they spoke with so much love about what makes their mum special.

May Mary, our heavenly mother, continue to inspire all mothers, and may every child honour and thank their mother for all they do for them.

Happy Mother’s Day.

God Bless.

Jilly Landers, Director of Mission

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