MDT: Stephanie Talks About Her Year 12 Project

Year 12 Materials Design & Technology (MDT) student, Stephanie Pietroniro, shares the inspiration and story behind her current project with us.

Stephanie what are you working on in MDT at the moment?

At the moment I am working on the alterations and adjustments to the pattern pieces I will be using for my garment. I am altering my skirt pattern, top pattern and jacket pattern.

What’s the inspiration behind your project?

The inspiration behind my project is animal rights and animals being killed for fashion purposes. The incorporation of faux fur and animal print mimics are included in my designs. I find them aesthetically pleasing, yet also want to spread the message of using imitations rather than real animal skin.

What are the stages you’ve gone through to create this project?

So far, I have gone through the research stage, where I investigated designers and historical and cultural inspirations. I have also completed the designing stage where I drew up my collection and rapid concept sketches. I have written out my production plan and materials list of what I require. Now I am organising my patterns and next I am ready to start sewing my Toile.

What have you found most challenging about this project?

I think getting the research part of it done, it requires a lot of writing and lots of different aspects and components. Also having to learn how to use Illustrator when tracing out my technical sketches and pattern pieces.

What has been the best part of the project?

Drawing the collection and coming up with cool innovative ideas on how I can personalise and be innovative with my designs.

What is the final outcome?

This is for my Year 12 portfolio assessment, which will be submitted to SCSA at the end of the year.

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