Mercy in Action

The Service Learning Program at Santa Maria College allows students to uphold the Mercy tradition of responding in faith, as people of justice and mercy.

On Thursday, the Year 10 Service Learning Program, ‘Mercy in Action’, was launched. This will enable students to contribute to the community and put their faith into action. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 15 hours of service at ONE not-for-profit organisation and are encouraged to challenge themselves to do something different and meaningful.

The College has a close relationship with many organisations, including MercyCare, Carinya Aged Care and Melville Cares, all of whom enable our students to complete their service.

Students write reflections after each visit to the organisation and then submit a reflection essay at the end of the program. These reflections are important to the success of the program as they enable students to address the challenges they faced, reflect on what they found rewarding and to also identify how they are following Jesus’ model of service.

Louise Mason, from MercyCare, spoke to the girls about the valuable contribution of students completing service at the daycare centres and aged care facilities. However, it is not only the community that benefits but also students.

The work that I have completed at MercyCare have been some of the most enjoyable, rewarding and extending activities I have ever participated in. I have gained a far deeper understanding of compassion, and how to live this out in my life. Emily Cleaver, Year 11

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