Modern Day Slavery: The World’s Fastest-Growing Crisis

Our Year 12 Religion & Life General classes recently engaged with guest speaker, Darren Reynolds, from Destiny Rescue.

Darren spoke to the students about child sex trafficking, the world’s fastest-growing crisis. This is a topic they are currently studying. 

Destiny Rescue’s mission is to save kids from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and support them to stay free.

Here are the thoughts of some of our Year 12s after hearing from Darren:

The presentation focusing on human trafficking was very confronting but informative. It opened my eyes to the extremes of human trafficking. It shocked me how common human trafficking is in our world and how little was being done to prevent it. Darren was passionately eager to discuss this issue from his point of view and share his experiences. It gave me a new perspective on the privileges we have, being able to afford everything that we need and being able to work freely with a substantial wage. Siobhan

Darren’s presentation on human trafficking was very confronting, however, it was an important topic for us to face. I enjoyed that he was able to teach us about this, as many of us wouldn’t spend our own time researching this topic. I think it is something valuable that we should all be aware of. We can support him and Destiny Rescue not only by donating and financially helping rescues but also by spreading awareness about this issue. By spreading awareness, people’s risk will most likely decrease as people will know what to look for and could potentially help victims of this industry. Amelia

Whilst watching the Destiny Rescue talk, I felt very confronted as sometimes I forget that issues like this are happening in the world to girls my age. I learned about how sex trafficking works and how much trauma the girls go through. It shocked me how many girls this is happening to and what parts of the world it is prevalent in. I enjoyed the way Darren portrayed the talk as it was very heartfelt, and you could tell he was very passionate about his job. It was very refreshing to hear how they encourage the girls to use their faith and connect with God throughout their recovery. Gemma

The speech was quite confronting to witness; however, everyone was able to gain a deep understanding of what the experience of rescuing young women and girls is like and how real slavery and human trafficking are today. It shocked and surprised me how many places and countries this still happens in and the large number of young girls who must go through these extreme and rough conditions, being manipulated and used by older men. Learning about how Destiny Rescue has saved so many young women has encouraged me to want to raise awareness and help contribute to the rescue missions through donations. Monet

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