Mothers’ Retreat

On Monday, over 60 Santa Maria and Aquinas mums attended the annual Mothers’ Retreat. The day started with Mass in the Santa Maria Chapel with Father Rodrigo. Following mass, the mums were treated to a musical performance from one of the Year 10 Music classes.

Morning tea was served in the Boarders’ Recreation Centre prior to the first of three guest speakers. The first speaker, Father Deeter, spoke about traditional and contemporary ways to further develop our spiritual side. He talked about the Rosary, meditation, personal reflection and the importance of finding quiet time in a busy world.

Tracy Webster, Mercy Wellbeing Coordinator at Santa Maria College, shared information about wellbeing and character strengths. In a survey completed prior to the Retreat, mums learnt about their top  character strengths. Tracy discussed wellbeing strategies used at Santa Maria, and how these can be put into practice in their own lives.

Finally, Karen Haddon, Mindfulness Coach, talked to the group about mindfulness and the importance of being present in everything you do. The day finished with Karen leading the mums through a meditation. Each mum received a lovely goody bag to take home.

Thank you to Veronica O’Keeffe and Marie Sadler from Santa Maria College and Frances Beilby from Aquinas College who coordinated the day.

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