Night of the Notables

During Terms 3 and 4, the Year 5 IGNITE students were invited to become an eminent woman; to step into the shoes of someone who affected our world in a prominent way. To accomplish this, the students had to ask and answer some of the following questions: What made these women who they are? What characteristics and experiences did they have that allowed them to rise to prominence? How did the world they lived in affect them and what impact did they have on their society? What impact do they continue to have today?

Parents, friends and teachers had a wonderful evening chatting to our ‘notables’. The creative flair, researching and organisational skills of the students was very much on display. All students are to be congratulated on their dedication to the process over the last fifteen weeks.

Notables in attendance:

Edith Cowan (Isabel Auld, Jasmine Leighton)
Catherine the Great (Athena Dang)
Dian Fossey (Ava Donavan)
Jane Goodall (Tayla Tsovac)
Rosa Parks (Lyla Fievez, Xavia Varivan)
Anne Frank (Ava Forrest, Emily Molony)
Catherine Parr (Annalise Hermann)
Sally Ride (Emily Howard)
Helen Keller (June Hwang)
Joan of Arc (Cassie Lewis)
Jane Austen (Isabel Martinez)
Nancy Bird (Lucinda Nolan)
Katherine Johnson (Abi Smith)
Florence Nightingale (Estela Taranto)
Margaret Thatcher (Madeline Tilley)

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