Olivia & Layla Finish eCourses

Congratulations to Year 7 students, Olivia Mirco and Laylah Baldwin, who are our first students to complete all the courses on our new self-paced online learning platform called upGrade. UpGrade offers various online courses to help support students in their learning and is accessible both at school or home via SEQTA.  There are close to 20 online courses currently available (with more to come) and include various courses such as Note Taking, How To Create An iMovie and Study Stress Relief. UpGrade is currently being rolled out to Year 7s and will be rolled out to other year groups later in the year. 

“It was an extremely fun experience and an amazing way of getting us to learn about study skills. Also, I loved the Krispy Cremes prize! My favourite courses were all of the Wellbeing upGrades” Olivia Mirco, Year 7.

“I love upGrade so much because it is a fun way to learn. Whenever I come home from school, I am always looking on the upGrade website for new courses. My favourite course from the ones I have done so far would be the ‘Create a Cinemagraph’ course because it was a very interactive one and I made a Harry Potter cinemagraph – it was so cool! I hope to learn and do more upGrade courses, not only to get prizes but to learn more stuff in a fun way. I appreciate what the Library staff and Miss Crossley do. I also encourage everyone to do these courses because they are so much fun, and you can get some really cool prizes.” Laylah Baldwin, Year 7.

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