SMC Organic Revolution Is Here!

We all know that burying waste in the ground has an impact on our environment, even when done in a controlled manner. 

From polluting groundwater, to producing greenhouse gases and impacting biodiversity, landfills pose serious threats to human life, property, and the environment. 

It is all well and good to understand these harmful consequences, but what are we doing as a College to make an impact and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill? 

One of Santa Maria College’s strategic pillars is Social Innovation. Under this pillar, we aim to empower our students to act on issues impacting people and our planet.

Our Eco Sisters co-curricular group, along with staff, Joanne Priest, Reece Jones and Kate Jenkin, have been working hard behind the scenes to identify ways in which we can create a more sustainable community and reduce waste. 

An exciting new initiative, the Organic Revolution, officially launched this week, which ensures all College food waste and organic matter is composted, as opposed to ending up in landfill. 

New bins have been placed outside the College café area, along with signage, to make certain that food waste and organic matter, such as compostable packaging, is disposed of properly. The College is also composting all garden waste. 

Aside from this, the initiative also aims to create awareness and change people’s perception of waste, by the education of staff, students, and the wider College community. Through this education, the future waste habits of the College and the community will become more sustainable on the earth and environment.

To gain the maximum possible value from this initiative, the College has engaged WRITE Solutions, one of Perth’s top sustainability consulting experts. WRITE’s Director, Daragh Maher, has worked closely with the College to create achievable solutions, including the compost bin. 

In addition, further recycling initiatives will also be rolled out over Term 2, as we work towards 70-80% recycling of all waste by the end of 2022!

Principal, Jennifer Oaten, said “As a College, we have a responsibility to lead the way with sustainability. Listening to student voice and ensuring we take action, harnessing the passion of our students is critical, if we are to make a difference.” 

So, what can staff and students do to help the College achieve its goals around sustainability? 

“We welcome all staff and students to get involved in every way that they can. The more people that get behind this initiative, the quicker we can reach our targets”, said Reece, who is the College’s Facilities and Grounds Manager.

“I’d encourage all staff and students to come down to the next Eco Sisters meeting, to further educate themselves and have their say in the College’s future sustainability actions.”, added Reece.

Eco Justice Captain, Brooke Murphy, is extremely passionate about the new initiative, and looks forward to seeing a greener future for the school. 

“It excites me as I feel the school is progressing and becoming more sustainable to help our environment. The College community can get involved by using the bins correctly and also being mindful throughout the day to maintain sustainable practices.”, said Brooke. 

For more information, check out the video below, where Year 11 student and Eco Sisters member, Sascha, dives deeper into what the Organic Revolution is and why it is so important.

Join us on our Organic Revolution journey, as we move towards a more sustainable future!  

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