Our Students Really Can Make a Difference

Year 9 Frayne students (2021) delivering their petition to Hannah Beazley MLA

You might remember a story we did in 2021 about Year 9 Frayne’s Strive9 project where the girls decided to tackle period poverty.

The group organised donations of sanitary products, which were donated to Share the Dignity, a charity whose aim is to end period poverty in Australia.

We were very excited to hear that the Western Australian state government announced this week that they would supply free period products in all state high schools. This was a huge win for our girls, who, as part of their Strive9 project, had presented a petition to Victoria Park MLA Hannah Beazley, which she later tabled in parliament, asking for exactly this.  

Here’s what some of the girls, now in Year 10, had to say.

I feel very honoured to be part of such a life-changing project in Western Australia. This Strive9 project gave me the courage to try and make more changes for the better. Our Homeroom made other girls’ lives easier and gave them an opportunity to go to school and not be embarrassed. Coming from an all-girls school, I think this is a great achievement to be a part of and a very proud moment for the school. Alyssa Matthes

Our Homeroom was shocked that our actions became a reality. As a Homeroom, we felt very proud to find out our actions were a success and that we were able to help other young women in the community struggling with period poverty. It is very encouraging that, as young women, we can make changes in the world. Molly Hussey

I am very proud that we, as a Homeroom, have made such a change in many girls’ lives across Western Australia. When we first found our passion for period poverty, we discovered how many young girls don’t go to school due to their access to sanitary products. This changed our view on life, as we realised how lucky we are to have access to simple products, as well as get a chance to participate in a program that can impact the broader community. Having an opportunity, through Strive9, to not only put forward an idea to parliament but have it implemented was something I never imagined myself achieving. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience. Kahla Olsen

It was an amazing experience to be involved in and to communicate with a Member of Parliament. I have learnt that being an active community member can make a difference for the better. Our class has helped make a real difference for thousands of young girls in schools. Sarah Vettoor

Some of our parents also commented to say:

‘Wow, this is an amazing achievement for the girls and the College. Congratulations to everyone, especially the teaching staff, for following through on this brilliant initiative. A proud moment indeed!’ Annette McCubbin (Parent)

‘So thrilled for you and the girls on the amazing Period Poverty initiative – what a fantastic way to show everyone that we can make a difference. Life is full of obstacles and solutions! Well done.’
Cathryn & Evan Wilkinson (Parents)

‘This is a brilliant achievement. Well done to you and the girls. This will make such a difference in so many lives. Very proud moment.’ Wendy Parker (Parent)

‘Thanks for championing and leading the girls on this issue. It is a great result that will impact so many. I know Bella was very pleased to see their efforts made a change.’ David Morrison (Parent)

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