Our Year 6 Girls Talk About Cocurricular

Some of your happiest memories of school will have nothing to do with time spent in classrooms. They are of being in school productions, playing sport, service activities or maybe the after-school art classes. It’s often in these co-curricular programs that we discovered new interests that became passions.

Our Years 5 and 6 students have access to a great range of activities beyond the classroom. It is in these activities that many girls ‘find their tribe’. They form friendships with likeminded students who may be from different classes or year groups but share their interests.

In developing a child holistically, service, sport and cultural programs are wonderful. We asked some of our current Year 6 students about the cocurricular activities they loved when they were in Year 5.

Lila Harris-Close – Volleyball

I already knew about volleyball from my old school, but the teachers taught us new skills depending on our skills level. We played games in different divisions and everyone improved. I liked playing with my friends, but I also made friends with the girls in Year 6. I’m going to play volleyball again.

Sophie Dowsett – Choir

Choir was once a week for Year 5 and 6s. We played fun music games, and we got ready for performances at special events like Awards Night and Year 12 Graduation. In performances we did a funky song and a gospel song. In the last performance, I got to play the kazoo. That was really fun.

Chloe Wildisen – Mini Vinnies

In Mini Vinnies we raised funds to help people in need for The Winter Appeal. We had an activity fair for the Years 5 and 6 girls. In groups we made up games and sold tickets. My group made a scavenger hunt. We also put red bags around school to collect clothes for people who needed them. I liked coming up with ideas as a group.

Frances Noske – Ladies in Lab Coats

Ladies in Lab Coats is a fun session once a week after school. You go to the science labs and you do lots of experiments. We also looked through the microscopes at fossils. We learnt a lot about science. The best thing was we got to do something completely new every week. 

Samara Edwards – Study Buddies

In Study Buddies Year 10 girls helped us with homework. We also played games and got to know them. My buddies were Adri and Sammy, they were really kind and helped me out a lot. They were funny and they understood why I thought my homework was hard. They told us about high school too which I liked.

Georgia Adair – Junior Sprouts

In Junior Sprouts we try to make an impact on the way people at Santa Maria think about the environment. Last year we made things out of recycling and sold them. We used the money to buy plants for our vegetable patch. I made watering cans out of milk containers.

Sapphire Roncio – IGNITE

IGNITE is an extension course. Last year we did four projects, one in each term. It was fun and I’m doing it again this year. There is lots of thinking outside the box and creativity. My favourite thing so far was making video games. We followed some basic guidelines but apart from that we could design pretty much what we liked.

Eva Matthews – Swimming

Swimming is really fun. You hang out with your friends and you get better at your swimming and improve your fitness. The coaches only push you to your level. They won’t make you swim in the lanes with the really good swimmers if you’re just learning. We do warm-ups and drills, and it helps you get ready for swimming carnival. I didn’t do interschool, I just like freestyle and doing better for me.

Summer Nguyen – Uthando Dolls

In Uthando Dolls, two ladies came in and told us about the kids in South Africa who don’t have toys. We then made them dolls out of fabric. I liked making something for someone who really needs it. Uthando Dolls was a cocurricular for Years 5 and 6 so I got to know girls who aren’t in my year.

Ava Bates – Cross country 

In cross country we had running coaches and we trained down on the foreshore. The view was really nice. The coaches were fun, and I really liked being fit. Some of us went in competitions but you didn’t have to.

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